ditaaはアスキーアートで描かれた図をビットマップに変換するツール。 Javaで実装されていて、Clojureで書き直す計画があるよう。


brew install ditaa


bash-5.0$ ditaa 
usage: java -jar ditaa.jar <INPFILE> [OUTFILE] [-A] [-b <BACKGROUND>] [-d]
       [-E] [-e <ENCODING>] [-h] [--help] [-o] [-r] [-S] [-s <SCALE>]
       [--svg] [--svg-font-url <FONT>] [-T] [-t <TABS>] [-v] [-W]
 -A,--no-antialias              Turns anti-aliasing off.
 -b,--background <BACKGROUND>   The background colour of the image. The
                                format should be a six-digit hexadecimal
                                number (as in HTML, FF0000 for red). Pass
                                an eight-digit hex to define transparency.
                                This is overridden by --transparent.
 -d,--debug                     Renders the debug grid over the resulting
 -E,--no-separation             Prevents the separation of common edges of
 -e,--encoding <ENCODING>       The encoding of the input file.
 -h,--html                      In this case the input is an HTML file.
                                The contents of the <pre
                                class="textdiagram"> tags are rendered as
                                diagrams and saved in the images directory
                                and a new HTML file is produced with the
                                appropriate <img> tags.
    --help                      Prints usage help.
 -o,--overwrite                 If the filename of the destination image
                                already exists, an alternative name is
                                chosen. If the overwrite option is
                                selected, the image file is instead
 -r,--round-corners             Causes all corners to be rendered as round
 -S,--no-shadows                Turns off the drop-shadow effect.
 -s,--scale <SCALE>             A natural number that determines the size
                                of the rendered image. The units are
                                fractions of the default size (2.5 renders
                                1.5 times bigger than the default).
    --svg                       Write an SVG image as destination file.
    --svg-font-url <FONT>       SVG font URL.
 -T,--transparent               Causes the diagram to be rendered on a
                                transparent background. Overrides
 -t,--tabs <TABS>               Tabs are normally interpreted as 8 spaces
                                but it is possible to change that using
                                this option. It is not advisable to use
                                tabs in your diagrams.
 -v,--verbose                   Makes ditaa more verbose.
 -W,--fixed-slope               Makes sides of parallelograms and
                                trapezoids fixed slope instead of fixed
ditaa test.txt test.bmp
ditaa version 0.11, Copyright (C) 2004--2017  Efstathios (Stathis) Sideris

Running with options:
Reading file: test.txt
Rendering to file: test.bmp
Done in 6sec